Saturday, October 22, 2011

New vinyl! Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

From Paste Magazine: "Hysterical opens undeniably strong. “Same Mistake” is a jam of epic proportions, complete with noticeable “The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth”-esque drums and guitar line, and the spacey guitars on first single “Hysterical” lend an otherworldy vibe to Ounsworth’s paranoid ramblings. The singer sounds clearer and on most of Hysterical’s other tracks, the fuzz and friction are vintage Clap Your Hands."

From Pretty Much Amazing: "A herald of jangly guitars comes stampeding over the hills and skids to a halt in front of you, breathlessly announcing the imminent arrival of royalty. Before you know what’s happening, there’s a terrific explosion of a dance beat, and synthesisers rain down from the sky, thudding into the wet ground around your feet...Hysterical is beautiful in its vulnerability. It may be anthemic and slick, but it never feels dishonest, instead sounding as if the band has finally decided which direction to take."

Come check out this and all our other new vinyl in!

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