Monday, June 6, 2011

Pre-Loved CD Review: Onion Flavored Rings!

Time for another featured pre-loved CD in stock currently at POPshop & Spazz Records for the bargain price of $4.99, or as Brad would say, $5 lousy bux!! 

Today's post is on "Two Minutes' Enlightenment" by Onion Flavored Rings. 

In a nutshell: folky, punky, upbeat!

Slightly longer version: No Idea Records' Onion Flavored Rings know how to get your booty up and moving! OFR hails from San Francisco and  features former members of Crimpshrine, Shotwell, Miama, Monsula, and Funyons. Jangly folk-punk and power-pop combine to make a great album that keeps you dancing and singing along through every track. 

Come get yer music on!

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