Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured Album: The Raveonettes "Raven In The Grave"

The Raveonettes' "Raven In The Grave" is the tenth release from the Danish duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. Personally, I'm usually sold on Danish bands right off the bat, but I'll give you more to work with! 

Raven in the Grave is a short album play-time wise, but packs quality into every track. Psychedelic, goth, and mid-century pop sounds all in one album? Yep! Sharin & Sune do what they do best combining sweet-as-candy pop with moody shoegaze, doing it all with a confident expertise honed through the bands' extensive experience with live shows and studio time. When asked what the Raveonettes sound like, the band replied: "Like nothing else. It’s really a quite hypnotizing wall of sound of the new generation, I think. There’s a lot of distortion and then there’s a lot of sweetness and melody with really good songs and music. It’s that whole tension between…how do you say it? It’s like you have this whole noisy thing going on with the really mellow double vocals on the top. We kind of like the differences in the music."

As one reviewer said, "Life is too short to not love The Raveonettes."

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