Tuesday, March 20, 2012


FYI, lovely friends!
Hi Everyone! We have a big announcement to make. After 596 years of business, POPshop and Spazz Records will close its doors on April 21st, which ironically happens to be Record Store Day. Your support has been great and it is not through lack of it as the reason we are closing, it’s just that other opportunities have come up and we wish to explore them. We would like to celebrate the existence of our store with a blow out party on our final day and would like to invite all of you to come. POPshop will be forever gone, but we are already planning for a future Spazz Records. POPshop will be having liquidation sales through the next 30 days for you to take advantage of and Spazz will continue to be stocked and ready up to and for Record Store Day. 
Our store hours for Tues and Weds will be wonky and we will keep you updated on FaceBook, but Thurs-Sat. will remain the same. Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned for party details and liquidation sales! 
-Brad and Leslie Richman

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