Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cure

Some cool Cure news from Pitchfork:

"This year's Vivid Live festival takes place from May 27 to June 6 at Sydney, Australia's famed Sydney Opera House. The fest is curated by Stephen Pavlovic, head of the Modular label, and he's snagged a fairly big get to headline the whole shebang: goth-rock greats the Cure, who will perform their first three albums in their entirety for the first-- and, they say, only-- time.
The Cure's "Reflections" event will take place May 31 and June 1, and it'll feature the band playing their 1979 debut, Three Imaginary Boys, 1980's Seventeen Seconds, and 1981'sFaith. The lineup will be made up of both present and past members of the Cure, and the whole thing will be recorded for a DVD. Pretty cool."

Pillbox Tales...1970's punk-tastic Cure album in stock!

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